“Is the old dog still alive?” – Dogecoin and the Bitcoin secret

It is spring 2014, the media are talking about Bitcoin. Silk Road and the intervention by the FBI put Bitcoin in a bad light for the masses. In the midst of this hustle and bustle, the Dogecoin (pronounced “dosch-koin”) was born.

What is the Bitcoin secret anyway?

It would still be too early to speak of “digital currencies” as a generic term. Just as “Facebook” is the synonym for the “Internet” for old people, Bitcoin secret is still the synonym for digital currencies. Those who missed the hype about Bitcoin secret quickly looked for Altcoins – alternative digital currencies – to participate in the next big movement.

It is at this point that most of the Dogecoin Holders among you will have joined.

Now there are a few specific questions that need to be answered.

For newbies:

Why do I see this immense high on CoinMarketCap?
Is it still worth investing in Dogecoin?
And for current Holder:

What is the current situation in the Dogecoin community?
Is it worth keeping my Dogecoins?
Of course, some questions overlap here. If you have one of these questions, you can now look forward to a convenient summary and a look into the future. If you have nothing to do with all this, you can still read on. Dogecoin is closely linked to Internet culture and represents a piece of history in the crypto currency sector.

Much Beginning

This strange spelling can be found everywhere in the Dogecoin community. The English words “Much” (“very”, “many” in the sense of numerous), “Very” (“very” for adjectives) or “Search” (“such”) are usually placed before another English word to translate the phrase into the “language of Doge”. Doge phrases are usually ended with a dot and rounded off by a “Wow!” (“Beginning” alone would only mean “beginning”). But with “Much” in front of it, it is clearly recognizable as a Doge sentence. Wow!)

One must imagine that these sentences are spoken by a dog. Those of you who have nothing to do with Internet culture are gradually losing the connection (and that’s not bad, hold out and you’ll get a light on it), for the others it’s nothing new.

Very Doge

Yes… yes, indeed, that dog.

A Shiba-Inu who was worshipped by the internet and to whom one attributed a simple language (therefore the partly intentionally misspelled terms).

In the midst of this hypes, which mainly concerned the social media platform Reddit, programmer Billy Markus and Adobe System Maketing employee Jackson Palmer thought it was funny to build a TOTAL crypto currency with the fun and memes of Doge.

…Dogecoin was born…

Search Hype
In the following time, Dogecoin broke the sound barrier, flew faster than light, and tore up the space-time continuum of the Internet (at least that’s how it felt to long-established bitcoiners).

During this time the expression “To the mooon! was coined. The market capitalization rose completely unexpectedly to 60 million US dollars (January 2014). For a “fun currency” a pretty solid figure.