eGifter and GoCoin partnership accepts Litecoin and Dogecoin payments

The American company eGifter is about to accept two more digital currencies as means of payment. Thanks to the cooperation with the payment platform GoCoin, eGifter will soon also accept Litecoin and Dogecoin as means of payment. eGifter already accepts Bitcoins for the purchase of eGifter gift cards, which gives the customer access to over 100 brands. Among them also big names like Amazon, Gap or Walmart.

Although there are already many providers who accept Bitcoins, the acceptance of Lite or Dogecoins as means of payment still lags somewhat behind. Dogecoins, for example, are usually only used as micropayments or as a reward or donation. Nevertheless, for the fact that the Dogecoin was only a joke at the beginning, it has got a remarkable degree of popularity and the community around the Dogecoin continues to grow steadily.

Although the price of a Dogecoin is negligibly low compared to the price of a Bitcoin, the influence of the Dogecoin is getting bigger and bigger and thus takes its next logical step with the introduction at GocOin.

Short process for the crypto rader

The Singapore-based company GoCoin has accepted the crypto trader Litecoin since January and only recently introduced the Dogecoin. Steve Beauregard, founder of GoCoin said to “We are thrilled to see the trade of the Bitcoin ecosystem welcoming the Altcoins with open arms. Together with eGifter, we are building an important bridge between commerce and the digital currency”.

The partnership means that eGifter is not directly involved in the acceptance of digital currencies. GoCoin accepts the digital currencies, converts them to Fiat currencies and then forwards them.

As a result, eGifter has few points of contact with security-related issues such as the storage of Bitcoins and is also protected against the volatility of digital currencies through the direct exchange into Fiat currencies.

This move also means that if the digital currencies continue their triumphal procession, the companies will reap their rewards.

The rise of the gift card

eGifter is one of many vendors that allow Bitcoin users to access many popular brands without having to accept digital currencies directly from the merchant.

Snap Card gives its customers access to Amazon and eBay with its gift card. Even the tax can be paid in this way.

With Gyft Gift Cards, customers can purchase Walmart or Dell products.

eGifters introduction of the Lite- and Dogecoins seems to be a smart move towards the future with the ever increasing acceptance of digital currencies.