Altcoin market analysis – XRP and Stellar present their latest results

The total market capitalization has fallen to 209 billion US dollars. For the most part, the prices of the top 10 crypto currencies have hardly changed. With a price increase of almost ten percent, Stellar is an exception – followed by Ripple.

Name Exchange rate in US dollars Market capitalization in billions of US dollars Exchange rate change within the week in percent Exchange rate estimation Support US dollars Resistance in US dollars

The price development of the ten crypto currencies with the highest market capitalisation, which is expressed in billions of US dollars, is shown. The sideways trend that characterizes the crypto market continues. One cannot see a big change in the market capitalization, it has fallen from 211 billion US dollars to 209 billion US dollars. “Falling” is actually the wrong term: it currently oscillates around 210 billion US dollars. The tether tragedy that shaped last week seems almost forgotten at the moment; although the tether exchange rate is not at one US dollar, at 0.98 US dollars it is not far from it. This sideways movement can be seen in the price developments. With the exception of Stellar and Ripple, whose prices have risen by ten and five percent respectively, little has happened with the other crypto currencies. A glance at the respective charts also largely leads to a neutral assessment. So before you venture into a long or short position, you should wait and see whether one of the resistances or supports indicated will be breached.

Best price performance: Stellar (XLM)

In times of general sideways movements one is pleased nevertheless about a price rise of ten per cent. Only XRP was able – with only five percent – to come close to the rise in the Stellar price. In the course of this small rally, the price climbed above the exponential moving average EMA50 and is currently at the level of the EMA200. A positive, rising MACD and an RSI at 55 speak a bullish language overall. Therefore, a long position is a good choice, where the support at 0.24 US dollars can be used as a stop loss and the resistances at 0.28 US dollars and 0.32 US dollars as targets. A fall below the stop loss should not be chosen immediately as an invitation for a short position; only a fall below the second support at 0.21 US dollars can be used as an entry signal to target at 0.19 US dollars and 0.18 US dollars. A stop loss of 0.21 US Dollars is a good choice for this.

Worst price development: Litecoin (LTC)

The Litecoin price did not fall low with minus three percent, but for the title “Loser of the Week” this is sufficient. In any case, the litecoin price is not simply below the exponentially moving average MA50, but currently at the level of early November 2017. The year-end rally has been undone accordingly. Currently, the MACD line (blue) is trying to rise above the support, but the MACD is still in negative territory overall. Likewise, the RSI is at 42 – with a bearish tendency. Thus, a bearish impression results overall. However, before choosing a short position, you should wait to see if the price can undercut the support at 49.90 US dollars. If this happens, you can open a short position where the stop loss is 51.43 US dollars and the target is 41.02 US dollars. Should the price actually rise above the resistance at 58.30 US dollars, a long position is the best option, where the target is at 67.58 US dollars and the stop loss at 55.97 US dollars.

Stability of the Top 10
In any case it is interesting that the gap between XRP and Ethereum has fallen to 16 percent. Otherwise Stellar tries to dispute EOS the fifth place in the Top 10: Only eight per cent in terms of market capitalization separate the two crypto currencies. Should Cardano be able to rise by four per cent, the crypto currency could rise above tether. Monero is only 13 percent behind Cardano, so flippening can also be expected here. After all, Monero must also fear for tenth place in the top 10, since Tron’s market capitalization is only nine percent behind that of Monero. You can see: In the Top 10, the week can still change a bit in many places.